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Séminaires "Ethical issues, law & novel applications of AI"

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Séminaires "Ethical issues, law & novel applications of AI"


Lieu de l'événement
Alan Turing Building, Palaiseau
Date de l'événement (intitulé)
Mardi 23 octobre 2018
Dans le cadre de son Master "Artificial Intelligence & Advanced Visual Computing", le LIX organise tous les mardi de 14h à 15h30 des séminaires sur le thème "Ethical issues, law & novel applications of AI". Le prochain aura lieu le 23 octobre 2018 et sera animé par Stéphane Gentric, Research unit manager, IDEMIA.
Toutes les dates des séminaires
Corps de texte
  • October 23 - Facial recognition: from early methods to deep learning, Stéphane Gentric, Research unit manager, IDEMIA (room Gilles Khan)
  • November 13 - Google's AI principles, Ludovic Peran, Google Paris (room Sophie Germain)
  • November 20 - Unsupervised Learning on Homogeneous Manifolds, Lie groups and Structured Matrices based on Information Geometry and Souriau Lie Group Thermodynamics, Frederic Barbaresco, THALES (room Sophie Germain)
  • November 27 - Law and ethics of autonomous robots, Nathalie NEVEJANS, Lecturer in Law, University of Artois (France) (room Gilles Khan).

Nathalie Nevejans is a lecturer in private law at the University of Artois (France), authorized to direct research projects and a member of the CNRS Ethics Committee (COMETS). Author of numerous articles, participating in events for not only the academic world but also industry, she is one of the few specialists in France on the law and ethics of robotics, artificial intelligence and emerging technologies. She is also a member of the Research Centre for Law, Ethics and Procedures (EA n° 2471), as well as the Institute for the Study of Human-Robot Relations (Etude des Relations Hommes-Robots – IERHR). Her book “Treatise of Law and Ethics of Civil Robotics”, LEH editions (1232 pages) was published in 2017.

  • December 4 - Algorithmic fairness, Nicolas Usunier, Facebook (room Sophie Germain)
  • January 8 - AI@Inria (Research in Artificial Intelligence at Inria). Bertrand Braunschweig, Inria, director of Inria Saclay research center
  • January 15 - Use of personal data and ethics: Vision & challenges from the industry, Sarah Lannes, Research engineer, IDEMIA
  • January 22 - From data protection to data empowerment : how can humans keep the upper hand? Geoffrey DELCROIX, Direction des technologies et de l’innovation, CNIL
  • January 29 - Fighting blindness with bionic eyes, Vincent Bismuth, Pixium Vision.
  • February 12 - Kernel methods for genetics - Jean-Philippe Vert, Google Paris.
  • February 19 - Is ethics computable? - Milad Doueihi, philosopher specialist of digital sciences, Université Paris-Sorbonne
  • March 5 - Learning Prosthetics Design : Function, Shape, Style - François Faure, Anatoscope
  • March 12 - Gender issues in AI, chatbots & robots - Laurence Devillers, LIMSI & Paris-Sorbonne University