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Call for external applications 2018 (PhD Track)

Call for external applications 2018 (PhD Track)

The DATAIA Institute opens a call for external applications for the financing of 2 theses.
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You have a Master's degree or equivalent (or your are about to get it this year), you have a research subject and want to develop it with a teacher-researcher or researcher from one of the founding institutions of the DATAIA Institute on the Paris-Saclay site.

Send your thesis subject *, resume and motivation letter to before June 15, 2018 midnight.

Conditions of eligibility: not to be registered in trainings of one of the founding member institutions of the DATAIA Institute or in one of the Paris-Saclay University institutions**

* description of the subject in French or in English (minimum one page - maximum two)
** AgroParis Tech, CEA, CentraleSupelec, CNRS, Ecole polytechnique, ENSAE, ENSTA ParisTech, ENS Paris-Saclay, HEC Paris, IFPEN, IMT, INRA, Inria, IOGS, IHES, Inserm, ONERA, Université d'Evry - Val d'Essonne, Université Paris-Sud, Université Versailles - Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines