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Protection, Regulation and Data Economy

Protection, Regulation and Data Economy

Companies in the data economy need to continuously rethink the way they are organized because agility and flexibility require a project-oriented organization with constant changes in resource allocation. Data economy also raises concerns about concentration and monopoly.
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A small number of companies (the so-called GAFAM) hold most of the data, that they aggregate from different sources (Internet, smartphones, connected devices). This market concentration may lead to unfair competition, possibly slowing down innovation of e.g. European companies. Citizens do expect governments to intervene in the digital economy in order to avoid too much concentration of data-based economic power. Governments also need to retain the fine-grained knowledge of their citizen data in order to preserve the state sovereignty as well as the compliance to civil rights rules and regulations.


  • Privacy-by-design, GDPR
  • Privacy-friendly learning ("differential privacy")
  • Development of ethically responsible methodologies and technologies to regulate the collection, use and process of personal data, and the exploitation of the knowledge derived from this data.
  • Computer security of data processing chains
  • Security/crypto: block-chain and trusted third parties