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Transparency, Responsible AI and Ethics

Transparency, Responsible AI and Ethics

Digital trust may arise from the implementation of ethically responsible methodologies; regulations related to the collection, usage and processing of personal data as well as the exploitation of knowledge extracted from these data; regulation enforcement through well-suited digital procedures.
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Privacy by Design is a form of regulation that includes personal data protection in the very first stages of data collection and processing. Tracing tools have to be developed to facilitate the model explanation at various levels for experts and users. Common privacy principles, though easy to formulate, require a shift in data storage and processing infrastructures, with major legislative and economic impacts.


  • Responsibility-by-design, Explicability-by-design
  • Transparency-by-design, equity-by-design
  • Audit of algorithmic systems: non-discrimination, loyalty, technical bias, neutrality, fairness
  • Measuring digital trust and ownership
  • Progressive user-centric-analytics (interactive monitoring of decision systems: dataviz, dashboards, IHM) 
  • Responsibility for information processing and decision-making: data usage control and fact-checking
  • Causal discovery, traceability of inferences from source data, interpretability of deep architectures