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Meet-up 2019 | Doctorants & Industrie

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Meet-up 2019 | Doctorants & Industrie

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Closing date for registration : 11.10.19
Lieu de l'événement
Nano INNOV - 91120 Palaiseau
Date de l'événement (intitulé)
14th November 2019 - 9.30am-5pm
IRT SystemX, DATAIA Institute, Labex DigiCosme, and the Systematic Paris-Region Competitiveness Cluster are joining forces to organize the • Meet-up 2019 | Doctorants & Industrie • on November 14 in Nano-INNOV (Palaiseau).
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This new meeting for doctoral students, industrialists, supervisors and thesis directors has two objectives: to highlight current thesis work and the needs felt by industrialists, and to create an opportunity for meetings and exchanges, to develop the doctoral students' work, for future employment, or to encourage new collaborations.

Four areas will be highlighted during this event:

  • Data Science
  • Software science and system engineering
  • Networks and telecoms
  • Scientific calculation and optimization