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Call for Internships Master 2 or equivalent (A)

Call for Internships Master 2 or equivalent (A)

  • Selected internships
  • 2020
The DATAIA Institute supports research in data science in the broadest sense - including computer science, mathematics and the humanities and social sciences - through an annual call for Master's internships.
Selected internships
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  • A4CFLHP (Intelligence Artificielle pour le Calcul des Fluides Hautre Performance) - Michele Alessandro Brucci, Marc Schoenauer (Inria), Jean-Marc Gratien, Mathieu Feraille (IFPEN)

  • DLAM (Discovering a LAtent Multi-scale structure) - Hélène-Camille Crayenvcour (CNRS), Slim Essid (Télécom Paris), Matthieu Kowalski (CentraleSupélec)

  • Embryo (prédiction - de viabilité - en biologie du développement précoce) - Alan Trubuil (INRA), François Vialard (UVSQ), Patrick Boutemi (Inria)

  • Galgo (gender and algorythmic bias) - Grazia Cecere (IMT), José De Sousa (Université Paris-Saclay)

  • Learning to rank answer trees in ConnectionLens graphs - Oana Balalau, Ioana Manolescu (Inria), Fabian Suchanek (Télécom Paris)

  • LogVisAI (Explaining User Behaviour When Interacting With a Machine Learning Environment Using Log Analysis and Interactive Visualization) - Nadia Boukhekifa (INRA), Anastasia Bezerianos (Université Paris-Saclay)

  • Model learning with rational optimization and constraints - Marc Castella (Télécom SudParis), Jean-Christophe Pesquet (CentraleSupélec), Laurent Duval (IFPEN)

  • RD MUMIMO (Reinforcing drones for Multi-user MIMO) - Hossam Afifi, Hassine Moungla (Télécom SudParis), Véronique Vèque (CentraleSupélec)

  • SLAM (Stratégies de Leadership dans un Agent conversationnel animé pour le développement d’un système de Mémoire transactive) - Giovanna Varni (Télécom Paris), Brian Ravenet (Université Paris-Saclay)

  • TESIE (Text Guided Semantic Information Extraction) - Yue Ma (LRI), Anne Vilnat (LIMSI)

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Deadline : November, 12th  2019 Midnight

Decision Notifications : December, 10th 2019

Decision notifications has been postponed to December 20th 2019


Host laboratories must send applications by email to

The application must include :

Administrative information

• Names of the host laboratories and project leaders and their contact information

• Names of laboratories (or teams) of the convergence institute that will benefit from the funding

• Names, contact details of the scientific and administrative managers within each laboratory (team) of DATAIA partners receiving funds

• Choice of at least one DATAIA subject areas (see Appendix 1)

• Length of the stay and estimated arrival and departure dates of the internship

• Expected benefits for DATAIA Institute

A description of the proposal (2 pages)

Host laboratories will explain the purposes of the internships, justify why they are relevant for DATAIA scientific actions and list the previous collaborations of the partners (optional). It is not required to have a candidate already selected for the submission of internship proposals.