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  • The supervision committee
  • The program committee
The DATAIA institute has a simplified governance model with representatives of Paris-Saclay University, scientific and partner programs representatives and representatives of the industrial affiliates program (AIP).
The supervision committee
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The supervision committee brings together the heads of institutions of the founding members.

Its role concerns:

  • The strategic orientation of the project
  • The annual review of the results and projections for the coming year, both budgetary and strategic (scientific orientation, industrial affiliation)
The program committee
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The program committee brings together scientific representatives from the founding institutions, that's counts 14 voters.

Other members may also be invited as:

  • Coordinators of the objects of excellence with which the DATAIA Institute has joint staff and common activities
  • Three heads of the Math, STIC, SHS departments of Paris-Saclay University

Its role concerns:

  • The evaluation and ranking of scientific projects and actions
  • The decision-making process by voting on scientific actions (research and training)


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