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Artificial Intelligence is considered as the strategical feature of the future but its development is only possible through the collaboration between research and application. The DATAIA Institute is engaged in boosting these relationships.
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Research is focused on the development of analytical tools that are able to query big databases. However, industries are the subjects who have the biggest storage of information.

On the other hand, in order to have value these big databases, companies need the right tools to interrogate and manipulate them.


The development of AI in the industry domain is possible through prior academic research.


Many initiatives have been taken so far to boost the collaboration between these two actors.

In the framework of the French government initiative « AI for Humanity », a manifesto for AI at the service of industries has been signed. Its objective is to coordinate an action plan with the French eco-system to define the challenges related to the development of AI and to prioritize research topics.

The DATAIA Institute promotes an Industry Affiliation Plan,  a partnership aimed to enrich the development of academic research on AI as well as giving companies advantages.