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Le projet « HORAPEST »

Le projet « HORAPEST »

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Health outcomes of residential agricultural pesticide exposure - Causal Modelling from Spatio-Temporal Data
Le projet
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The Horapest project aims to investigate the impact of residential pesticide exposure on health outcomes in France, by jointly exploiting precious sensitive data from Syst`eme National des Donn´ees de Sant´e (SNDS) together with newly available data from Institut National de l’Environnement Industriel et des Risques (INERIS), reporting the pesticide exposure at an unprecedented level of temporal and spatial precision in 2018-2019.

The data on the pesticide exposure will be confronted to the detail of maternal and child health care, with the goal to assess and quantify the body of knowledge about the cognitive and physical development of the child and their impairment due to exposure to pesticides during pregnancy. The impact of the study thus regards the assessment of a critical risk at the crossroad of epidemiological, political and economic priorities: the impact of pesticides in residential areas.

The methodological challenge is to establish a causal model accounting for the spatio-temporal nature of the considered phenomenon and for the (many) unobserved confounding factors.

Durée du projet : 3 ans (2021-2024)

Les partenaires
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Laboratoire : ALISS, UR 1303

Participants : O. Allais, J. Mink, New hire CRCN (INRAE, Open competitions 2021)

Contact : Olivier Allais (

Contact administratif : Carine Nivet (

Université Paris Saclay

Laboratoire : LISN, CNRS UMR 9015, INRIA

Equipe : Apprentissage et Optimisation, EPC INRIA TAU

Participants : M. Sebag, P. Caillou, P. Tubaro, F. Jay

Contact : Michele Sebag (

Contact administratif : Monique Granon (