Institut DATAIA
Science des données, Intelligence Artificielle et Société

DATAIA Institute
Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Society

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About us

DATAIA Institute is the Convergence Institute dedicated to data sciences and to their social-economic challenges in France.

Its aim is to gather and structure on a scientific site, multidisciplinary expertises of great scope and high visibility around a subject representing scientific challenges with strong socio-economic stakes. The objectives are to develop an integrative vision in advanced research coupled with trainings of excellence and boost the relations between the academic and industrial world.

At the end of two calls, ten converging institutes were selected from all disciplines on topics such as: Climate, Medicine and Biology, Agriculture, Migration, etc. Thanks to the ambition of its scientific program and the scale of its actions and its international relations, it has been identified by the international jury as the French interdisciplinary center of data sciences and artificial intelligence, with its interfaces to the times with the human and social sciences but also the application domains. It brings together 130 teacher-researchers.

Funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR) under the "Investments for the Future" program, the DATAIA Institute must:

Source: ANR.