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PhD Internship Program

Call for International Mobility (P)

Call for International Mobility (P)

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The DATAIA Institute gives to doctoral students around the world the opportunity to collaborate with DATAIA!
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This 2022 call will finance on an ongoing basis, for a period of 3 to 6 months :

  • Stays of PhD students from laboratories outside the Institute's partner institutions. These laboratories may be located in France or abroad ;
  • Visits abroad by doctoral students from laboratories of DATAIA partner institutions.

The DATAIA Institute will fund these types of stays in the form of stipends, which will be used to cover the doctoral student's living expenses :

  • 1,000€/month for doctoral students coming from a laboratory located in France ;
  • 1 000€ to 2 000€/month for doctoral students coming from a foreign laboratory ;
  • 1,000€ to 2,000€/month for outgoing mobility abroad.

The DATAIA Institute may provide an additional allowance for travel expenses :

  • Up to 1 000€ for a mobility from and/or to a European country ;
  • Up to 1,500€ for a mobility from and/or to a country outside of Europe.

Responses to this call for proposals must demonstrate how they contribute to the objectives of the DATAIA Institute. Accordingly, all proposals must address at least one of DATAIA's four main challenges, and may include an application area.

Submission Requirements 
Responses to this call must demonstrate how they contribute to the goals of the DATAIA Institute.

The application must be submitted by a laboratory or research team from a DATAIA partner institution by email to

If you have any questions, please send your application to

Full terms and conditions are available in the call text for download.

Conditions de soumission
Corps de texte

Les réponses à cet appel devront montrer en quoi elles concourent aux objectifs de l’Institut DATAIA.

Le dossier doit être soumis par un laboratoire ou une équipe de recherche d’un établissement partenaire DATAIA par email à

Pour toutes questions, envoyez votre demande à

Modalités complètes sur le texte de l'appel à télécharger.