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3e colloque sur l’imagerie médicale à l’heure de l'intelligence artificielle

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3e colloque sur l’imagerie médicale à l’heure de l'intelligence artificielle

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14 October 2020 - 9.00
Born from a discussion between Professor Gérard Berry, Chair of Algorithms, Machines and Languages at the Collège de France, and Dr. Francis Besse, Northern Cardiology Centre, this colloquium follows on from the 2018 and 2019 editions held at the Collège de France.
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This colloquium is dedicated to algorithms in medicine. Its two main areas of interest are the automatic analysis of medical images and the collection and analysis of large data, now made possible by the computerization of patient follow-up.

The presentations will bring together researchers and industrialists in imaging and data analysis with a particular emphasis on statistical learning techniques developed in the field of artificial intelligence, physicians discussing the medical contributions of these new methods, actors in the methods of collection and exploitation of large medical data, and lawyers concerned by the legal issues raised by all these topics.

The symposium will end with an analysis of the transformations that will be brought to the health system, followed by a global discussion.

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Due to the current sanitary situation, the event will take place virtually.

Registration is free but mandatory.

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