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NeurIPS@Paris 2021

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NeurIPS@Paris 2021

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Closing date for registration : 26.11.21
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Jussieu Campus (Paris 5ème)
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The Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (abbreviated as NeurIPS) is the main machine learning conference. The Sorbonne Center on Artificial Intelligence (SCAI) take the opportunity of the upcoming virtual NeurIPS 2021 conference to hold an in-person NeurIPS event in Paris on December 8.
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The goal of the event is to provide an opportunity for students, academics and industry researchers, to connect and discuss ML research presented at NeurIPS. Furthermore, we invite those who have an accepted paper at NeurIPS 2021 to present their work to a live audience.

This event will take place at Sorbonne Center on Artificial Intelligence (SCAI) on the Jussieu campus (Paris 5ème), with the support of Criteo, Google, and Inria.