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The DATAIA Club Connection

The DATAIA Club Connection

  • The D2C
  • D2C organised in 2020 - 2021
  • D2C to come
The DATAIA Club Connection (D2C) is a format of targeted and qualified meetings, organised around a high-stakes research theme selected by the PAI Club
The D2C
Corps de texte

The D2C initiative welcomes academics and industrialists of the field to facilitate exchanges, create a bond of trust and pave the way for future collaborations.

It is set up in order to identify in advance the priority research issues of researchers and the problems of industrialists and to make them converge. The contacts and collaboration opportunities proposed are then closely monitored until they are set up and launched.

The typical D2C program is organised around :

  • Pitches to enable researchers and industrial experts to get to know each other better and present their respective prospective subjects before meeting;
  • Small round tables to exchange and formalise an action plan around common needs;
  • Individual meetings to address more specific needs for bilateral collaborative projects.

This initiative is part of the ambition to facilitate the setting up of several levels of collaboration and to create a constructive dynamic:

  1. Expertise / student projects / internships
  2. Research collaborations / CIFRE thesis
  3. Common laboratoires / common teams
  4. Multi-partner chairs
D2C to come
Corps de texte
  • D2C mobile services: prediction and behaviour analysis

  • D2C interface and data visualisation: progressive data analysis


Invitations to the D2Cs are private and targeted, in order to guarantee an excellent level of expertise and balanced exchanges and thus best meet expectations.
If you wish to participate in the initiative, please contact Eric Tordjeman, head of industrial partnerships.