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Book - Understanding Artificial Intelligence

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Book - Understanding Artificial Intelligence

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Professor at the University of Paris-Sud, member of LIMSI laboratory and researcher in Artificial Intelligence, Nicolas Sabouret is publishing this week a popular science book about Artificial Intelligence.
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Artificial intelligence fascinates, questions and challenges our society. Many voices are raised to predict radical transformations, a near apocalypse or a perfect world to come. Yet, few people really understand what artificial intelligence is, what it allows to do and what its limitations are. 

This book explains, in simple words and amusing illustrations, how artificial intelligence works. It is directed at the non-specialist readers, teenagers and adults, who are interested in artificial intelligence without having the keys to understand this field today.

The author demystifies the creation of so-called "intelligent" machines. It explains how they work and the different techniques used. It describes the possibilities offered by algorithms and the difficulties faced by researchers, engineers and users. Finally, it addresses the issue of the place of artificial intelligence in our society. 

Each chapter provides an opportunity to discover a new facet of artificial intelligence and to appreciate the opportunities offered by this promising field.

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