Workshop on cognitive biases and nudges (CREST-DATAIA), in Osaka

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Workshop on cognitive biases and nudges (CREST-DATAIA), in Osaka

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On March 25 and 26, the teams of the DATAIA project "Bad Nudge, Bad robot" met the members of the CREST project "Experiential supplements" and DFKI. This meeting allowed the development of a framework for a collaborative project between DATAIA .
Corps de texte

robotThe project's experimental framework focuses on cognitive and emotional biases and nudges in verbal and visual interactions with robotic systems, chatbot, IOT.... with multimodal sensors. The areas of application envisaged are education and continuous learning. A research axis also focuses on the study of different cultural approaches. The ethical dimensions 
of these systems will also be analyzed. The underlying theories include: affective computing (R. Picard), affective sciences (K. Scherer), emotionality and rationality (A. Damasio), Nudge (behavioural economics, R. Thaler) and game theory as an experimental framework. This approach is based on multidisciplinary collaboration between computer scientists, linguists, economists and lawyers.

The team

DATAIA "Bad Nudges, Bad Robots" project (Paris-Saclay)

Laurence Devillers, Professor, AI, Affective computing & Ethics,
Ioana Vasilescu, Researcher, Linguistic, CNRS-LIMSI
Serge Pajak, Associate professor, Behavioral economics, Université 
Fabrice Le Guel, Associate professor, Behavioral economics, Université 
Théo Marquis, PhD student, Behavioral economics, Université 
Hugues Ali Mehenni, PhD student, AI, Université Paris-Sud/CNRS-LIMSI

CREST "Experiential supplements" Project (Osaka/DFKI)

Koichi Kise, Professor, Pattern recognition, AI & HCI, Osaka
Prefecture University
Kai Kunze, Associate Professor, Wearable & ubiquitous computing, Keio 
Sohei Wakisaka, Researcher, Cognitive science & somatics, Tokyo 
Motoi Iwata, Associate professor, Computer vision, Osaka Prefecture 
Olivier Augereau, Research assist. professor, Pattern recognition &HCI, 
Osaka Prefecture Univ.
Benjamin Tag, Researcher, Cognition-aware systems & ubiquitous 
computing, Keio University
Shoya Ishimaru, Researcher, Human-Computer Interactions, DFKI

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