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CEA-List - Chair "Artificial Intelligence and Complexity" (AIC)

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CEA-List - Chair "Artificial Intelligence and Complexity" (AIC)

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CEA-List [Nano-INNOV]
Date de l'événement (intitulé)
July 7 2022
On July 7, the CEA-List is organizing a scientific seminar to present the "Artificial Intelligence & Complexity" Chair.
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The CEA-List is launching its "Sustainable Digital" Chairs of Excellence program with the ambition of developing high-impact digital technologies, the desire to profoundly transform our societies and economies, and to place the digital transition in a virtuous and sustainable circle.

As part of this new program, the CEA-List is launching the first chair entitled "Artificial Intelligence and Complexity" (AIC), headed by Mohamed Tamaazousti, a research engineer at the CEA-List, in association with Vincent Rivasseau, a mathematical physicist at the Irène Joliot-Curie Laboratory of Physics of the Two Infinities at the University of Paris-Saclay.

Objective of this seminar

To revolutionize the field of AI by exploring alternative paths to the DeepLearning paradigm. Although very powerful, this paradigm is very data and computationally intensive and lacks guarantees in terms of robustness, safety and predictability.

The AIC team will rely on powerful theoretical physics tools, designed to describe the complexity of the Universe, in order to understand the mechanisms and universal properties of AI, and, ultimately, to build a responsible, safe and trusted AI.